Africa's Growing Biometric Demand.

Africa as a whole and more specifically, South Africa has a growing demand for Biometric Access Control.

Growing demand requires innovation.

With a myriad of applications, there are few sectors today that have not adopted the use of biometric access control devices to enhance security, access control and also to streamline border control. While the use of biometric devices has increased, some challenges still remain with the use of "traditional" optical fingerprint readers. Accuracy, reliability, and security are critical factors and have significant impact on the area of implementation as well as the degree of accuracy and failures. With the fast paced changes in available technologies and the development of specialised algorithms from a select few biometric manufacturers, users can now be successfully enrolled.

INVIXIUM offers a range of innovative products to suit any application in the market and the need to deploy only one type of technology is a thing of the past*. Sites can now be equipped with a combination of facial-recognition, fingerprint and the specialised Multispectral Imaging sensors on order to ensure easy use of the devices deployed. Whilst facial-recognition is still seen as an expensive option, the Invixium TITAN proves to be both cost effective and a superior choice to conventional and more known technologies. The TITAN has been implemented successfully on various sites in Africa proving that it is a viable alternative to "normal" biometrics.

Another advantage of TITAN is the fact that users no longer need to physically touch a device by placing a finger on the reader which removes the issue of problematic fingerprints altogether. Although the TITAN is a fully fledged facial recognition biometric reader, it also combines fingerprint, card and pin thus making it a one of a kind Multimodal device. Deployment in high security areas can now offer multilayered security and each user's access level can be defined according to their access and security clearance. An example of Multimodal authentication is where user A is granted access to a specific area by only using his facial credentials while user B is required to have facial as well as fingerprint credentials to gain access.

IXM-Web combined with Invixium's range of products replaces the need for conventional access control panels in the field. All standard access control functions can be managed directly including report management and i/o control without 3rd party hardware. A secure relay is available for areas and applications where higher security is required.

Invixium also specialises in customisation according to the clients specific requirements and applications*.

For more information about the Invixium range of products and how you and your clients can benefit, send us an e-mail to or call us on 0861 278 374.

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