Multispectral Imaging - A Biometric Solution for All

Some of the most difficult areas of use for normal biometric readers are where Elderly People and Children are involved due to constant changes to the fingerprint template.

Elderly People and also persons working with corrosive materials tend to have undefined or no visible fingerprints. In scenarios where persons had no visible or defined fingerprints, enrollment was mostly unsuccessful and in order for them to gain access, were issued with an access card to circumvent the problem. The use of access cards can be significantly reduces and even eliminated by using Lumidigm Multispectral Imaging Sensors. Most people in the access control market have no experience with Multispectral imaging and for that reason tend to steer clear of any devices with the technology.

Different to normal optical fingerprint sensors, Multispectral sensors use multiple light frequencies that penetrate the skin at different levels (up to 4mm*). The sensor combines 8 layers of images to ultimately produce a template that is then used for enrollment. The benefit of these sensors are that persons with little to no* fingerprints can now be enrolled successfully as the sensor does not rely only on one layer of the fingerprint.

Invixium offers Multispectral Sensors as an alternative to the more common optical sensor in three of its devices starting with the SENSE 2 and going to the TOUCH 2 and TITAN. These devices perform exceptionally well in areas where conventional fingerprint technologies fail time and time again. The Lumidigm Multispectral sensors are so effective that it can read a fingerprint while submerged in water and even through oil and dirt and with that places itself firmly at the front for effective accurate fingerprint matching.

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