PHOENIX VMS is a locally developed visitors management system that offers multiple levels of data capturing as well as storing transactions in real-time as they happen.


The VMS is unique in operation and offers several key functions not available from other solutions in the global market.


The end-user system is simplified in the form of a downloadable app via the iTunes Store for Apple Users and Google Play store for Android Users.

The management platform is easily accessed from any internet-connected PC and is secured by a range of user passwords and system restrictions. From the management console, residents can be managed and events can be tracked in real-time.

Disputes can be handled effectively and accurately as the system logs all transactions and information starting from the visitors invitation by the resident to the visitor exiting the premises.

Reports can be generated for a variety of events or visitors and can be used accordingly.

PHOENIX also has a logistics management application available to clients in the corporate, warehousing and site management environments. The logistic management platform is customized to each clients unique requirements and budget.

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