INVIXIUM is a Canadian based manufacturer of Biometric Access Control equipment, focusing on Fingerprint, Finger Vein and Facial Recognition Technologies.

The product suite includes indoor and outdoor readers along with an access control software platform to manage all devices either by unit or in groups.

INVIXIUM Readers can be customized to meet client-specific needs when it comes to combined technologies. Readers can be configured with specific sensors and card readers to ensure optimal efficiency in any environment.

INVIXIUM is the industry's first manufacturer to make use of Android-based Technology for Biometric applications and in doing so have set the benchmark for others.

INVIXIUM proudly uses Technologies from Google Android®, Apple®, 

Gorilla Glass®, Lumidigm®, SecuGen®, NEXT®, Hitachi®, 

Qualcomm Snapdragon® and HID®.

INVIXIUM is not only a stand-alone access control system but also integrates with brands like PAXTON Net2, GALLAGHER, GENETEC, SIEMENS, HONEYWELL and S2 SECURITY. INVIXIUM also offers an SDK for integration with other manufacturers.

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